The next generation candy store

New and fresh! Mix Candy is the next generation candy store.
Clean storage and no messing with dirty hands in candy boxes.

Increase profit!

No waste! No more candy that drops to the floor means more profit to you.
Easy refill. Little or no maintenance.
Customers prefer shopping candy that is stored safe away from dirty hands.

Clean fresh design

Helps keeping your store clean and healthy 24/7.
Rotating storage boxes keeps candy fresh.

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Advantages of the Mix Candy system

Clean fresh design

The design makes Mix Candy easy to place anywhere you want in your shop!

No waste of candy

You dont have to clean up candy that your customers drop by mistake.
Sensors see if the candy bags are in place.

Cost effective easy refill

The candy is stored in large cylinders that are easy to refill/replace. The cylinders contain big volumes of candy, you dont waste expensive time refilling candy.


Professional support crew take care of any troubles. Clever construction details make the Mix Candy system very safe and reliable.


Henning Greek

Henning Greek is the owner and CEO of Mix Candy